Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Would You Do to the Commander?

Just when analysts were anouncing to the world the (unconfirmed) demise of the Jeep Commander, I stumbled upon this lively thread in JeepForum.com called: If the Jeep brand were in your hands, what would you do? It makes for some interesting reading, as it shows that sometimes the customers have more marketing sense than the highly paid executives running DaimlerChrysler. While they talk about all Jeep models and concepts, they give some valid suggestions for the Commander, among them:
  • Make it taller and with bigger tires
  • Offer a 3.0L CRD V6 Diesel option
  • Make a Comanche-like pick up truck based on the Commander
  • Make it bigger: move it to the Durango platform but still make it look like a Jeep
  • etc.
There were also some posts calling for the Commander's deletion. What would you do?


Anonymous said...

Put a 3.0 CRD diesel in it and move the rear axle back about 8" to give it a better angle of decent and departure.
Raise the ground clearance by 2".
Get rid of the useless third row seat and put a 27 gal. fuel tank in it.

Anonymous said...

I would take it to the scrap yard. It's just too damn ugly.