Sunday, January 07, 2007

2" Daystar™ Comfort Ride Coil Spring Spacer Kit

While few Jeep Commander owners plan to use their rigs for extreme off-roading, many of them want to fit bigger tires and give their Commander a more muscular appearance without spending a lot of money or doing complicated suspension modifications.

The Daystar(TM) 2” Comfort Ride Coil Spring Spacer Kit caters to those needs. The kits include:
  • Four spacers (2/front, 2/back)
  • Two coil spring isolators (front)
  • Two concentric spacers (front)
  • Four stem cushions (2/front, 2/back)
  • Two strut mounts
  • Four washers
They preserve factory ride quality, are made in the U.S., carry a lifetime warranty and take between two and four hours to install, depending on the level of experience.

You can read these detailed installation instructions (PDF) to get a better feel for how this system works. To know more about the company that makes it, visit Daystar's website.

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katie said...

My brother ordered a hypertech spacer kit recently. Right now, he is working on the installation. Can't wait to take to a test drive.

Air Ride Parts said...

Interesting coil over kit. Love to get my hands on kita and start working right away.

ravi said...

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Charity said...

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