Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jeep Commander Among Most Popular New Car Searches in Cars.com

The Jeep Commander took the seventh spot in the top 10 most popular 2006 new car introduction in terms of consumer searches, according to the most recent Cars.com Consumer Search Index. The Cars.com Consumer Search Index offers a comprehensive look at the internet search behavior of Cars.com visitors. The statistical information is compiled by tracking the more than 8.3 million unique visitors that log on to Cars.com each month and the vehicles that are most popular. The lists are based off a minimum of 10,000 searches for new cars and 15,000 searches for used cars.

On another note, for what it's worth, the Jeep Commander was among the top 5 SUV picks of the 2007 North America International Auto Show according to The South End, the official student newspaper of Wayne State University.


webjones said...

That's pretty neat, but when the Commander-on-the-road population grows I'm going to miss getting all those double-takes.

The WK is already pretty ubiquitous around Atlanta. :-)