Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jeep Commander Tire Pressure Monitor Display

Interesting short video showing the Jeep Commander Tire Pressure Monitor Display at work. Sure it came in handy for these fellows, considering the kind of terrain they were driving through...


Toby Getsch said...

Hey Mario, I wonder who shot that video. ;) What makes the story even better is that I only passed one other driver while out that day. He recommended turning around because it got kind of nasty up the road further. So, I turned around a few feet later, and THEN I got the tire pressure alert. I was very glad to be able to get out, and change a tire on flat, hard ground.


Anonymous said...

But a 2007 Commander,,,, nice vehicle the only thing is that the remote start won't work ,,,, followed the instructions in the book and put in a new battery in one of the one of the keys but it doesn't seem to work any ideas?
David Lee