Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Woody Wagoon™ Jeep Commander "Woody" Kit

Woody Wagoon™ has developed a Jeep Commander "woody" kit. This kit recalls the great “wood” Wagoneers of the past that started the whole SUV movement. The timeless design and long history of woodie as the rugged work-horse was forever changed to include luxury appointments and comfort when Jeep introduced the Grand Wagoneer.

The new Commander “Woody” kit projects the same image while being even more exclusive than the original. Simulated “Marine Teak” panels surrounded by raised, quarter round “Santa Rosa Oak” trim produce a true three dimensional effect just like the original vehicles. The combination of high-quality vinyl panels and extruded trim is totally maintenance free. These woody kits can be installed by any repair shop since detailed, photo illustrated instructions are provided.

Woody Wagoon™ is the aftermarket leader in woody kits.


Chevy HHR cold air intake said...

Always had the thing for Jeep. Don't you just love it whichever form takes?