Friday, December 01, 2006

Hook Up Your iPod to Your Jeep Commander Stereo

Almost everybody uses iPods (or a variation of them) these days. One of the most frequently asked questions is: how can I use my I-Pod in my car stereo? One possibility is to use a simple cassette adaptor that you can get in any electronics store for about $20. Another one, slightly more sophisticated is to use an FM modulator. In fact, Mopar offers an iPod integration kit (for about $140) that sends the audio signal from your iPod to your Jeep Commander's Stereo so that it can be played in a specific FM frequency. Neither the cassette adaptor nor the FM modulator, though, will give you the best audio quality.

Your best bet is to plug your iPod directly to your car stereo. CNET has produced an eight step tutorial, chock-full with detailed instructions, pictures and videos, that will allow you to enjoy your iPod in your car for about $60 in materials and a couple hours of weekend sweat equity.
You can access the full tutorial here. Good luck and enjoy your iPod in your Commander.

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