Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Jeep Commander Blog by a Jeep Cherokee Fan

As a Jeep Cherokee owner and enthusiast (that beauty to the left is my 1996 XJ) I was appalled when Chrysler discontinued it and replaced it with the Jeep Liberty.

Then, last year I saw the first pictures of the new Jeep Commander, and my first reaction was one of surprise and joy to see the boxy lines of the Cherokee back in a new Jeep product.

While the Commander is a very different vehicle than the Jeep Cherokee, its square lines broutht a smile to my face and keep my hopes alive that Jeep may some day bring back the Cherokee.

So, until the Cherokee is back, I'll be following the evolution of the Jeep Commander in this blog.

If you are a Jeep Commander owner or enthusiast, I invite you to send your pictures and information of your Jeep Commander, for possible inclusion in this blog. You can email your pictures to: Welcome and thanks for visiting.

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