Friday, February 24, 2006

2.5" Rocky Road Jeep Commander Lift

I just found out about this 2.5" lift kit for the Commander. According to the manufacturer, Rocky Road Outfitters, this kit is designed for those who want a moderate lift that makes the truck look better and accomodate larger tires, and who don't want to sacrifice handling and road manners. Personally, I don't know first hand of anybody using the kit yet, but the vendor's ebay feedback page shows some good reviews. Rocky Road also mentions that some Jeep dealers are already offering the lift kit as an optional item straight off the showroom floor with full factory warranty, which clearly speaks well of this product. Read more about this lift kit.

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Air Ride Suspension Kits said...

The best thing about suspensions is that it comes with a great of choices: air or springs. The next good thing is that it gives a newer look and a better handling performance.

Jeep Doors said...

With Jeep lifts kits the performance is more better and you don't have to worry about off-road driving and Jeep conditions. A lot of choices are offered its all about what you need.