Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bosch Icon Wiper Blades for Jeep Commander

If you are a Jeep Commander owner living anywhere north of Florida, you are probably experiencing the "joys" of driving through snow and ice this winter. In those conditions, your OEM windshield wipers may have already frozen or gotten stuck. Driving with frozen windshield wipers is dangerous, since they don't work well and impair visibility.

You may want to invest in a pair of Bosch Icon wiper blades. The Bosch Icon uses cutting edge technology to provide benefits like uniform pressure along the blade length, and a smooth and quiet operation with 20% longer life than other premium blades.

However, the biggest benefit for those driving in the snow is the protection against snow and ice buildup provided by its weather shield connector system. Jeep Commander owners that have upgraded to the Icons are very satisfied with them.

While not cheap (MSRP $33.38) the Bosch Icon is well worth the price of admission (even though chances are you may be able to get them for less than MSRP at your favorite auto parts store). The part number for the Jeep Commander compatible Bosch Icon wiper blades is 418A, and they are available only for the front windshield.

(Photo: Bosch)

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VW Parts Blog said...

Those wiper blades looks great.. I'll think about it (might buy one).. I've been having a problem with my Jeep windshield wiper arm lately.. Its just that I have no budget for the replacement yet..

Todd said...

I just took these back to Autozone. These blades are horrible, they miss about an inch at the top and a quarter at the bottom.

The guy at autozone said they have had more people return these than they have kept sold. They do not provide enough tension to hold against the windshield.

Also the myth that they work better the faster you go b/c of the air dam, is busted too. I was doing 80mph on a freeway and they were missing at the top and sides even worse.

No good my friends - no good for the commander at all. $17/pop. No thanks. I took them back and got the Bosch Micron Edge ones that I always use.