Friday, November 17, 2006

2007 Jeep Commander on 20" EGO Wheels

Surfing the web for information on rims for the Jeep Commander I stumbled upon, a Colorado-based wheel specialist and found this picture of a mean looking black 2007 Commander clad with 20" Ego wheels. Go to this page for other pictures of the Commander from different angles. You can also browse through other wheel styles by Ego.

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Billet Wheel Adapters said...

I am sorry, the link is already broken. Will you fix it, or can you add a redirection for that link? Please. I want to go to that site.

Charity said...

The Jeep Rims look awesome on this vehicle. Sporty mixed with street riding is a nice way to go if you know what I mean...Thanks for the post.

5 lug to 5 lug billet said...

Thanks for sharing this blog. Hope to read more from your site.